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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Varsity Blues

Here I come, UKM!
Here I come, Philo!
Here I come, PERKEB!
Here I come, FSCC!
Here I come, Fakulti Kejuruteraan
Here I come, Juniors!

Just moved off campus to Philo. Staying off campus has it's pros and cons. But what I miss most is it's proximity. Transportation will be an issue now that I reside in Philo, 4.5km away from UKM. Life is at it's best. Life can only get better.

To think about it, I so often obtain such a biased image of life; a refraction of various occurrences.. So often hath circumstances in uni life, good and bad alike, shaped my perspective of campus life, and even life itself. This corrupted view of life is obtained by looking through the mortal, fallible lenses I have been looking through.

But just a glance at the greatness of God, through the lens of love and mercy just shatters those error-prone lenses. I need to turn my eyes upon Jesus this semester, and keep it there as long as I can with the Holy Spirit helping me.

As I walk through the path of life, viewing life via the kaleidoscope of God, a thick fog ahead makes no difference, for a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path is present. The darkness makes no difference, for the light of His love pierces through the darkest abysses.

And yet, it's always too easy just to say I want to walk through life this way.

So help me to keep my eyes upon You, LORD. I can't do it on my own. Let me be in the world but not of it. Help me to see things through Your eyes of love, Father, that are always upon me.
Semester 1, Year 2, Here I come!