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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


8pm - Jan 2nd to 5pm - Jan 3rd

Seems that the leaders' retreat is within the same period. hmm..


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Three Amazing Songs

Three songs have spoken to me the most for as long as I have been alive:

Jesus love me this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak but He is strong.

- I just realized the term 'little ones' might refer not to kids but to us humans, as minute as we are, we are weak but the infinite God is all-powerful.

I have decided to follow Jesus(x3)
no turning back, no turning back
No one go with me, still I will follow(x3)
no turning back, no turning back
The cross before me, the world behind me(x3)
no turning back, no turning back

- This song reminds me that I have no other option but to live for Jesus, for everything else does not seem to satisfy. Nothing in my past or future will make sense without Jesus in the picture.

What can wash away my sins
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
What can make me whole again
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
Oh precious is the flow, that makes us white as snow
No other fount I know,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus

- No human effort will be able to reconcile me with the Father, only the ultimate sacrifice will suffice for the ultimate sinner, me, by ultimate grace through faith. Indeed only Jesus saves.

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

Friday, December 26, 2008

Wanting and Needing

God, I wanted You.
But now, I need You.

Forgive me LORD, because I wanted You, and made You an option.
Help me LORD, to make you fundamental in my life, my only necessity.


A painful past, and a present pain.
LORD. What shall I do with it? I want to move on.
How do I start anew, when I can't leave the past behind?

Some time ago, I bought some paracetamol(painkillers) and wrapped them as christmas presents for everyone.
As I know it, painkillers do nothing to remove the source of the pain, but does well to remove the sensation itself. Nonetheless, it offers relief somewhat.

I remember the time I had a faith-testing toothache during my first semester exam in my first year in UKM. And a very faith-testing toothache it was, when there's a limit to daily dosage ( 8 pills a day ).. And when the painkiller supply was depleted, I had to bear the pain until I visited the local orthodontist.

all I could do was pray..

Analogous to emotional pain, sometimes we take all kinds of 'painkillers'. Elements that seem capable of alleviating the pain. Comfort in friendship and relationships, keeping oneself busy, music, food, things that don't seem to satisfy. For a temporary duration these elements do seem to alleviate the pain.. But when it comes back again and we have exhausted all the 'painkillers', we become one who's at wits end, spirits end, emotions end.

and all we could do was pray.

As painkillers don't remove the cause of the pain,
earthly elements do not eliminate the cause of your emotional hurts.

All you can do is pray.

And in His grace, He WILL carry you through, and He's always on time to save the day. He never goes back on His promises. His will for you is perfectly planned and wonderfully crafted.
Trust in Him, for those that trust in Him are indeed like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken.

Phil 4:6-7
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mukjizat itu Nyata

Tak terbatas kuasaMu Tuhan
Semua telah Kau lakukan
Apa yang kelihatan mustahil bagiku
Itu sangat mungkin bagiMu:
Di saat ku tak berdaya
KasihMu yang sempurna
Ketika aku percaya
Mukjizat itu nyata
Bukan kerna kekuatan
Tapi RohMu, ya Tuhan
Ketika aku percaya
Mukjizat itu nyata

Unbounded is Your power, Lord
All things You have accomplished
Those things which appear to be impossible to me
They are very possible for You
The very second i have no strength
It's your love that is perfect
The moment i believe
The miracle is real
Not by might, nor by power
but by Your Spirit, oh God
The moment i believe
The miracle is real

Note: God does not necessarily give you a miracle just because we 'believe'.. It also has to be in line with His divine, perfect will for your life. Of course, He will give you what you ask for if you keep insisting although it's not God's best for you, but He let's you have it because He is a God who created us with free will. But be careful what you ask for. =)

Joyeux Noel and a Happy 2009 to all of You.

Jesus loves you this season, and forevermore. Will we do the same for others?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Had my redirection day today. Or rather, redirection night.
It's been an eventful year, the year with the most ups and downs yet.
I decided and told God only 24 hours ago that I'd spend the entire day cleaning up my room, sorting out stuff, reviewing, and refocusing.

And I did not carry out my decision. I procrastinated and procrastinated and procrastinated and procrastinated....Until God decided to stop waiting for me to stop procrastinating, to step in and start redirecting my life for me.

Basically, this was what happened:
I procrastinated. Hunched in front of the PC all day, I couldn't care less about lifting a neuron. Yes, unhealthy. I admit, I am hooked to PC games. Idolatry, sigh. So I didn't properly fulfill the errands given to me by mom in the morning.. So I was told off (plus all the emotional turmoil, I'll spare the details) .. What happened next is pretty embarassing for me.
Anyway there are tears and snot all over my T-shirt now, so you can guess. I wanted to argue but I didn't have any voice left(sheesh).

So my life was in a mess, and now God has graciously brought it back on track.
I thank him for His forgiveness, so much. When I was getting scolded, I couldn't say I was sorry. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't utter 'sorry'... maybe I was afraid of what my mom would say after that, maybe I was afraid I wouldn't mean my sorry.. And then I came before Him, with my mess, confessing my messy life ever since I took control of it, and suddenly I realise the reason behind my inability to apologise.

It was because I hadn't said sorry to God before then. And I realise that I wasn't hurting my mom as much as I was hurting God, considering how many of my daily devotions I missed. I guess I was pretty much a spiritually backslidden Christian.

Thank You LORD, for Your faithfulness.
- when I was unfaithful -
Thank You LORD, for Your grace and mercy.
- when I was selfish -
Thank You LORD, for redirecting my life.
- when I mess up everytime -

I sang the following stanzas during the whole ordeal:

Amazing Grace how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me
I was once lost but now am found
Was blind but now I see

Create in me a clean heart, O God,
And renew a right spirit within me.
Cast me not away from the presence O Lord
And take not thy Holy Spirit from me
Restore unto me the joy of life's salvation
And renew a right spirit within me

We fall down we lay our crowns
at the feet of Jesus
The greatness of His mercy and love
at the feet of Jesus
We cry holy, holy, holy
is the Lamb

1 John 1:9 - Jika kita mengaku dosa kita, maka Ia adalah setia dan adil, sehingga Ia akan mengampuni segala dosa kita dan menyucikan dari segala kejahatan.

His promises are absolute.
His promises are kept.
His promises are always on time.

JanjiMu Seperti Fajar
ketika ku hadapi kehidupan ini
jalan mana yg harus kupilih
ku tahu ku tak mampu
ku tahu ku tak sanggup
hanya kau Tuhan tempat jawapanku

ku pun tahu ku tak pernah sendiri
selama engkau Allah yg menggendongku
tanganMu membelaiku
cintaMu memuaskanku
kau mengangkatku ke tempat yg tinggi

janjiMu seperti fajar pagi hari
dan tiada pernah terlambat bersinar
cintamu seperti sungai yg mengalir
dan ku tahu betapa dalam kasihMu