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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Encouragement Blog

You know you run out post ideas when your posts start with your blogtitles. My blogging interest, and frequency has decreased, with the latter as the result of the former.


I need some inspiration. Need some peer pressure, need a fresh new experience. Back when I started this blog, I intended for it to be a place of encouragement, not some crap-unloading junkyard. But as every artist knows, inspiration isn't easy to get. Where do I hunt?


Happy 52nd anniversary Malaysia! but as for me, my freedom came about 2009 years ago.. Praise GOD!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just because you're unconventional

Have you ever felt that making the right decision makes you look like the antagonist? The bad guy? Have you ever, even for a banana split second,prior to making a decision that might offend someone else, considered if that someone else(or more) will annoyed at you? But for the sake of just proving that some people just must have things their way, you decided to make that annoying decision anyway, regardless right or wrong.

It's your turn to sweep the floor!
Nevermind lah, I'll do it tomorrow.
NO! It's gotta be done today!

Why you cut the ginger like that wan?? Got put salt or not?
Dunnolah, I usually don't use salt for this dish.
Aiya, that one it's your home lah, now different lar..

"and the list goes on.."

I can imagine living under one roof with that special someone. If everything is going to be democratically run in a family (ie. how housemates govern the home) , imagine the amount of considerations going through your head in one go; having need to discuss every trivial detail. With so many other commitments, academic and social alike, how much more room can your head store? C'mon guys, chill, cut me some slack, be gracious, or whatever you call it in the 21st century. But things are not as simple. Just because you're unconventional. Poor Einstein =(

Ergh, humans. Life gets harder at 21, and as you grow older.

A strange thought just crossed my mind. Why am I posting this anyway? Who's gonna read this?
Ain't going to be me in the next one year, probably. goodnight!