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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Day 48: Glorious

Today, He has assured me a space reserved for me in heaven, in the royal orchestra in the courts of the King of all kings, who is also my ever close companion. I belong in the category of 'uncategorized worshippers', being exactly just who He made to me be, in His presence giving a totally unique form of praise, right beside all the other uncategorized worshippers, giving glory to Him in their own way. To dance and sing with this orchestra, alongside the simultaneous choir of angels and orchestra of all creation, both big and small, to displace glory to Him who deserves it in the very perfect nature that God will help me to obtain, is nothing short of what I now want.

It is a great honour and no mean feat playing beside a person of glory, the glory of an overcomer. But our King, who we play for, wears the glory of an Overcomer who vanquished all his foes, a Prince who still is undefeated to this day, an Intercessor who never has failed, and the glory of one who underwent great grief and sorrow and came out of it victorious. How much more infinite is this honour! How exceeding, this joy of playing in the courts of the King who owns the oldest kingdom, the largest kingdom, the most powerful kingdom, the kingdom of love, the kingdom which endures forever! Time is short. Eternity is long. I have decided to make every effort to worship like I'm in heaven. Not only in mere time. But in all eternity.

If you would delight in His glory hereafter, He must be glorious in your sight now. Is He so?

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