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Thursday, August 12, 2010

An impatient Patient

I'm an impatient patient. Sick and in pain, but I cant wait for healing to take it's time. Selfishly, I've looked to my own comfort all this time. Everything I have done has been for me. In this pain, I have only crafted for myself a shell called self-pity, and that the world should be fairer. But there is no unfair and unjust world from a just God. Instead of looking at me like I'm the center of my own sphere, I need to push through. Yes, I must move on and push on. Circumstances array themselves like walls, walls that seem to get bigger, but pride, it is pride that has made me smaller. So flush away my pride, and replace it with trust, Lord, to believe that You are mighty to save. I don't see things the way You do, but You already promised that it'd be for my good. And I know a good God doesn't make bad promises. I don't see the picture album of life,

*but life is not a snapshot, it might take a little time, but you'll see the bigger picture!
once you feel the weight of glory
all your pain will fade to memory
press on and fight the good fight
'cause the pain that you've been feeling
is just the hurt before the healing
is just the dawn before the morning*

*words and music by Josh Wilson.

I look through a tube, but you view through the kaleidoscope of life.
I merely tasted pain, but you have are a man acquainted with grief and sorrow
I feel high and mighty, but you command legions of angels.
I feel ashamed and insecure, but you took the scorn when you didn't deserve it
I read and discern in years, but you understand the universes like it's an egg.

Wake up, wake up, O sleeper, and see that God is sovereign. Wait.

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